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We are almost at the finish line with our new Brave Day website. - coming soon!

We are in the process of adopting a social enterprise model for our business and the new website will reflect this.



Part of the new offering will be 'Courage to Create' -

a modular programme of creative mentoring, workshops and online resources to help businesses, communities and individuals creatively flourish and build up courage and resilience in their daily lives.



We have worked with some truly wondrous and courageous individuals and organisations this year. Next year we'll continue to nurture these partnerships and expand our offerings to a wider client base.

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We can support you to nurture your creativity through our mentoring and creative development programme 'Courage to Create'- mindful, expressive creative exercises, workshops and digital mixed media storytelling to Explore - Express - Connect - Grow - in creative ability and confidence to support health and wellbeing.

Courage to Create is a creative approach to learning and development, designed to help you or your organisation to grow in confidence, express yourself authentically and connect more deeply with yourself and others - to flourish in your daily life.


We can help co-design projects that explore themes, issues and stories through different forms of creative practices and digital media, to question, experiment and connect more deeply.


You can then use the media created in the projects to communicate your story to a wider audience - launch a campaign, product or service; educate others - through digital media content which can include film, video, photography, animation, creative writing, spoken word, audio recordings / podcasts, art, performance... or any other form of media you would like to explore. 

We are also digital media content producers.


We can help to produce social media stories, documentaries and digital course e-books - to support you communications, learning and development.

I work as a digital media creative mentor, creator and filmmaker, in collaboration with a highly skilled team of creative practitioners.

The first step with any new potential project is to have a chat, so please get in touch and we can discuss your needs,


Brave Day Creative Practitioner, Creative Mentor and Digital Media Producer

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